Re: still down

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 10:52 +0200, Claude Paroz wrote:
> Hi,
> You may know that progress ( is down from Friday. I'm a
> little sad to see that such a capital application for translators can be
> down for several days.
> What's the status of this issue? What can I do? Please, give us
> information...
> I don't want to accuse anyone, I know most of the community work as
> volunteer, but I wonder if we can do something so as such a situation
> don't arise again in the future.
> Should we move this application on another infrastructure, more
> accessible to sysadmins?
> Should we have more formal procedures for server upgrades?

James Troup, one of the Canonical sysadmins was around on #sysadmin and
rebooted the box after turning off nss-ldap.

I was able to log in. When I turned on nss-ldap again, things were OK
for a while, but then slapd started running at 200% and no NSS lookups
were succeeding making the box unresponsive in many ways.

Stracing the slapd process showed it doing no IO but just sitting there
churning - I don't know if we have some rogue client doing really
expensive LDAP queries or if it's a slapd bug.


 - Turned off nss-ldap again and left it off
 - Added entries for Claude to /etc/passwd,/etc/shadow,/etc/group
 - Put an entry for gnomeweb in /etc/group with Claude as the only

So that Claude could work on damned-lies. Someone else will have to
investigate the slapd situation further.

- Owen

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