Re: cgit installation / docs

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 10:31:14PM +0200, tarek allaoua wrote:
> I have discovered few days ago, and .
> I would like to know if thereʼs some documentation about cgit
> configuration/installation/hooks that was done to reach the actual
> result in
> Frankly speaking i have tried to install cgit on a local server
> (debian 5.0) without a lot of success. I hope we can share some
> experience.

Owen Taylor made an rpm package for it, srpm is at:

Then we have some CSS and header/footer stuff, but that is pretty basic.

I've attached the /etc/cgitrc from the server, pretty normal config

The hooks and so on can be found in the gitadmin-bin module.

Note: I didn't set up git/cgit.

# Using a virtual root in combination with mod_redirect gives URLs
# like /cgit/<modulename>
# GNOME customization - not needed, we switched to using PathInfo

# We put the default xlogo and CSS file under /cgit

# See /usr/share/doc/cgit-%{version}/cgitrc.5.txt for all the
# options that could go here

# GNOME customization
# No logo, GNOME header is already logified

# Has GNOME header and footer


# Looks funny if we don't have something here, maybe could be improved
root-title=All Projects 
# Looks fine without a description though

clone-prefix=git:// ssh://USERNAME git gnome org/git

# Put all the modules on the first page of the project listing without pagination

# List the number of files and lines changed in the log

# If you are making changes, you probably want to uncomment this;
# remember to change it back at the end

## List of repositories

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