Gateway form an external SVN to the GNOME Git


there is somebody out of the GNOME Git, who is interested in to use the
GNOME infrastructure for his project. Jim Evins [1] is the developer of
gLabels [2] for a very long time, we speak about more than ten years. To
get new or updated translations (both GUI and docs) he recognizes moving
to our Git repository as the best possible way. 

Am Montag, den 07.09.2009, 21:09 -0400 schrieb Jim Evins:
> I realize I would get a lot more help by moving to the 
> GNOME infrastructure, however I am an old fart and don't currently
> have 
> the interest or desire to learn git.

And that's the problem: He doesn't want to change his well-known SVN
workflow. Is it possible to setup a gateway from his SVN repository at
SourceForge to We have had such gateways, e.g. for
GNOME-Commander or Pybliographer. But these were from SVN to SVN or from
Git to SVN. Now we need the other direction from SVN to Git. It would be
nice to get some help for this.

Best Regards


[1] <evins snaught com>

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