submodules [was Re: git status update?]

On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 12:07 +0100, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > >  + svn externals: is there a resolution?
> > >    [blocker: we have modules using this]
> > 
> > The basic answer may have to be that module maintainers have to figure
> > out for themselves what they want to do. But having a complete list of
> > where they are being used would definitely be useful. (And something I'd
> > really appreciate help with..)
> I looked at this, on official modules, and a few others, not the whole
> svn repository, what I found out:
>  - gtkmm/docs/reference/images/ pulls stock-icons from GTK+ repository
>    <>;
>  - gnome-control-center/ pulls libslab from gnome-main-menu repository
>    <>;
>  - gnome-utils/ pull gfloppy (that has its own repository)
>    <>.

Here's a more complete list of externals (trunk only, /svn only -
ignoring /svn-archive), with some comment.

    MusicBrainz svn://

 Needs to be sorted out between the banshee and cowbell maintainers, 
 I don't know the situation. git submodules have to reference an
 entire module - you can't have a subtree - so going with a git submodule
 would require splitting musicbrainz-sharp out of banshee.


 I don't know the overall situation here. Is libslab used externally?
 If it needs to be kept like this, could be done as a git submodule;
 would need jhbuild support for submodules, since you have to
 git submodule update --init after cloning, and git submodule update
 after updating. (pretty simple)


  Port to gnome-common; macros module is obsolete.


  Just merge in a a subdirectory of gnome-utils?


  Think this is dead. If someone revives the plone effort, they can figure 
  it out then.

  It's possible to write a simple binary to dump out PNG files for all
  the GTK+ stock icons. (themed or unthemed.) That would avoid the 
  cross-reference, though would make gtkmm hard to cross-compile with
  docs. I don't have many other ideas.

- Owen

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