Re: Set up bugzilla-web virtual machine

Owen Taylor wrote:
I've just done some initial set up of a VM (hosted on
called bugzilla-web.

	Awesome! :-)

It's x86_64 RHEL-5 guest with 8GB of ram allocated to it (can be
adjusted as needed.)

	Great. How many CPUs does it have allocated to it?

   /mnt/bugzilla-data/ => /var/www/
   /mnt/bugzilla-data/home => /usr/local/www/bugzilla

I think that is OK. Usually, given the default Apache configuration on RHEL5, I put Bugzilla into /var/www/html/ though, not /var/www/. I don't know how SELinux feels about executing CGIs in a random directory under /var/www/, but I guess I can find out. :-)

Max mentioned allocating 80GB of disk for the frontend, if I recall, but
I went more conservative - we have less than 1GB of space being used by
the web-frontend parts of currently. We can always
resize the LVM partitions as necessary.

Yeah, those look OK for now. Does it have a swap partition also, or just the RAM?

2. Creating mysql module and setting up database on

When you do, here's the command with all the permissions necessary for the Bugzilla user:

	(Don't run any of the other commands in the install docs, though.)

3. Create a bugzilla module in puppet to hold the website configuration
   and move some of the stuff from the bugzilla-web node there.

Cool. Usually, I create a /etc/httpd/conf.d/bugzilla.conf file that contains the two configuration lines required by Bugzilla (as described here):

	And make sure that KeepAlive is off in the main httpd.conf.

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
Everything Solved: Complete Computer Management

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