Re: GCDS: Gnome repository mirror

Hey guys

I've added gnome-infrastructure gnome org to the Cc to get some more
eyes on this. I've also cc'd owen for some input before we go poking
our git server in the eye.

There have been suggestions that Git is abnormally slow for some
people but we've not found a root cause for this. We know some of our
repositiories are just massive.

Can you provide any more detail here - what kind of throughput are you getting?


2009/7/3 Ignacio Aliende García <ialiende foton es>:
> Hi, I'm Ignacio from the workteam, I was told to do git clones of every
> project under and I have bad speed problems. I don't know if
> there is something wrong on that side or we have a bad connection on ours
> but I'd need preference for Could you do that for us?
> Thank you very much. Ignacio.
> --
> Ignacio Aliende García <ialiende foton es>
> Fotón, Sistemas Inteligentes S.L.
> Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
> Canary Islands (Spain)

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