Re: Experimental repositories on

Le mercredi 14 janvier 2009 à 19:10 -0500, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> With heroic efforts on the conversion scripts, Kristian has finished an
> initial run at converting all repositories and putting
> them on
> You can view them on 
> You can clone anonymously from
>   git://<modulename>
> And if you have the right permissions you can clone from and push to:
>   ssh://<modulename>.git
> A few repositories are known broken, including:
>  evolution
>  gdm
>  tomboy
The empathy import seems pretty good. However, we are doing development
using git-svn for a long time now which means the author of commits is
lost because I was to only one to merge to svn.

Would be great if the import script can search for "Signed-off-by" and
use that information for the commit author. We also usualy set the name
in the end of the commit message, like that:

bla bla bla. Fixes bug #45678 (Full Name)

I don't know if empathy is the only project concerned by this, but it
would be great if the import script can fix that :D

Xavier Claessens.

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