Re: svn -> git conversion process

On 01/15/2009 04:35 PM, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
Hi all,

We over at Xfce have been considering switching from SVN to git for a
while, but probably the main stumbling block for us is resources and time.

I noticed a blog post on p.g.o about the recent effort to convert GNOME
over to git, and I was wondering if you guys were planning on publishing
any of your conversion scripts and/or detailing the steps taken, any
gotchas, and also what you're using for the git hosting itself (as well
as how you're doing user management and permissions).  I'm sure a lot of
what you've been doing is specific to your particular setup, but I think
it could be a useful starting point for us and save me some time.

There is a wiki page where the migration team is making goals and charting progress:

Besides this somewhat "raw" data, according to that page there will be a more detailed writeup made available for other projects interested in similar migrations.

If you have an account on, I'd recommend subscribing to GitMigration.* if you want to keep track of what's going on.


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