Re: Git migration docs

On 01/12/2009 03:22 PM, Santi Béjar wrote:

   as I wrote in I would like to
help with the docs, so here you have the first one. It is based on the
Subversion page and does not explore new possible workflows. I'll
upload it as GitMigration/Git (first a copy of the SVN one and then
the modifications) some time in the future depending on the feedback.

Some notes and TODOs:
* The maintainer notes (== Final Steps ==) should be reworked heavily
and possibly move to its own page.
* Maybe we need an extra advanced document to describe more
complicated instructions ("git format-patch"/git am, git rebase, ...).

Additionally, perhaps we should make an attempt to search and for svn-specific instructions. I know we have such pages on the Tomboy and Tasque wikis that will need to be updated.

If we don't have the resources to update everybody's random documentation, maybe there is a way to at least notify people that they have obsolete pages that need attention?


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