Re: Push emails for Git

On 02/13/2009 12:02 PM, Santi Béjar wrote:
2009/2/13 Santi Béjar<santi agolina net>:
Annotated tag updated
Annotated tag deleted
I think tag update and deletion should also be forbidden.

Let me be more precise. They should be forbidden by default, but may
be requested to the sysadmins with an explanation. So they should be
supported by the email hook.

Eek, that would suck, if it means what I think it means. I think it's pretty common for people to make tagging mistakes during a release, then delete and recreate the tag. Having to get permission during a release crunch to fix this would kind of suck.

This is assuming that a git tag serves the same purpose as an svn tag in this discussion. I am a git n00b so I could be misunderstanding.


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