Re: Remaming a master branch

2009/12/30 Bruno Coudoin <bruno coudoin free fr>

It does not really make sense to rebase my devel branch on master, and
in trying I got so many conflicts that its not worth pursuing.

What is the recommended approach in this case ?

Usually, master is the development branch so you just have to create branches for stable versions.

You can reset master to gcompris-8-4 with 'git branch -f master gcompris-8-4', but you risk to annoy people who depends on this branch.
In your case, I'd rather rebase gcompris-8-4 on master (git pull --rebase from gcompris-8-4), then merge (fast-forward) gcompris-8-4 on master (git merge gcompris-8-4 from master) and finally create a branch to track the stable release.


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