Infrastructure policies for 3rd party GNOME apps

Hello, GNOMErs!  I'm not sure this is quite the right mailing list,
but it seemed correct.

Basically, I'm the maintainer of a 3rd party (i.e. not formally
recognized by the GNOME project as part of its offerings) open source
application designed for GNOME [1].  My question is, as an unofficial
GNOMEish app, how much of infrastructure is it OK to use?

Specifically, is it appropriate for a 3rd party app to:
 * Add pages to for the app
 * Add itself to

The above is really all I'm interested in, but additionally, if I
wanted, would it be appropriate to:
 * Ask for a bugzilla project for the app
 * Ask for a mailing list
 * Use git branches (I happen to have commit access, but I'm still not
sure adding my 3rd party apps would be OK)
 * Use tarball release infrastructure

i.e. how much of a generic GNOME app project host is

I assume that some of this information is available somewhere, but I
both didn't know where to look and couldn't find it.  Maybe in
addition to answering me, someone could add the answer to the GNOME
website somewhere.


[1] My question is specifically generic, but if the answer depends on
details (i.e. "exactly how GNOME-y is the app?"), this is the kind of
project I'm talking about: -- it uses
GTK+, gnome-keyring, nautilus plugins, etc.

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