library-web update on


Since the Git migration library-web is installed on
in ~gnomeweb/git-wd/library-web/; previously it was in .../svn-wd/...
and had some local changes[1,2].

I ported those changes to the .../git-wd/... clone, but as I was
reading some doc on today I visited a page exposing
the bug fixed in [1], I then looked at the git clone and the local
changes were gone.

Looking at the directory entry,
  drwxr-xr-x  8 gnomeweb gnomeweb 4096 Apr 30 00:00 library-web
I wonder if the directory is now wiped automatically.

Is this the case?  Could it be disabled?


[1] hacking around a bug in libxslt
[2] and pointing to generated release notes tarballs

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