Advice on svn commit list

Hi everybody,
I would like to make a list mirroring svn-commits-list with additional
filtering on commits in translation folders (po*) only for a single
language (Bulgarian).
I have done a similar thing in the past - I create a special local
mailman managed list and subscribe it to svn-commits-list. Then I do my
own custom filtering.
However - svn-commits-list is a heavy traffic one. Even a small one hour
glitch in connectivity results in lots of stalled messages and thus load
on gnome mail server increases as it has to resend large quantity of
messages and furthermore (I suspect) gnome mailing list administrators
get agitated as they get lots of warnings.
Is there some arrangement that we can do? For example - doing some of
the filtering on Gnome servers (as the former cvs-po-commits-list did)?
Marking the subscription of my mail list in a way that does not generate
messages to administrators when mail bounces? In cases of glitch - wait
24 hours before retry?
Further advice appreciated.
Kind regards:

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