Upgrading l10n.gnome.org Fri morning CEST ?

I'm thinking to upgrade l10n.gnome.org to a newer Ubuntu LTS. For this I
need a Canonical sysadmin to stand by, so it isn't sure yet.

Are there objections to this possible downtime?

I estimate it will take approx 3 hours, but that could take way longer
in case of problems. Basically, l10n.gnome.org will be the test for

Note: The impact is that l10n.gnome.org is down. BUT: You can still
commit. However, if you're used to d/l .po files from l10n, that will
fail. Same if you want to look at the l10n stats.

Other possible dates are Sat morning (CEST) or Sun morning, but I am not
sure that will be this weekend (depends on Canonical availability).

PS: Downtime would either be this Fri. If that is not possible, it'll
during some weekend (morning).


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