Not receiving account request email (was Re: Instructions for approving GNOME accounts)

On 9/28/07, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> There is a new way to get accounts setup asap. This using a new system
> called Mango. The new system will directly mail the maintainer(s) of the
> responsible module (you). With this email I'll try to explain how it
> will work.
> Basically the process is as follows:
> 1. User requests account
> 2. User verifies email address
> 3. Mango mails maintainers
> 4. Maintainers reject/approve account request
> ==> can need multiple maintainers if e.g. user requested e.g. Bugzilla
> shell account and SVN for nautilus.. in practice, this won't happen
> 5a. Mango mails Accounts Team
> 5b. Mango mails user giving advice on the progress
> 6. Accounts Team sets up user in LDAP
> 7. User gets welcome email
> Note: steps 3-4 can be skipped as some requests will directly go to the
> accounts team (e.g. alias)

I recently asked a developer (John Carr) to to request an SVN account
for his Tomboy work.  He did via Mango, but I never received an email.
 So I retrieved my Mango password for the first time and logged in,
where I saw I had a pending account request.  I approved the request.
I have not received any emails from Mango (neither did Boyd, who is
one of the other maintainers of Tomboy).

The developer received an email after submitting his initial request,
and again after I approved it.

Our MAINTAINERS file [1] appears to have all of the right information.

Should I have received any emails for this?  Did I do the wrong thing
by logging in to Mango and approving the request?

(By the way, I don't subscribe to gnome-infrastructure, so please CC
me on any responses intended for me.)

Thanks for all the hard work on improving our community,


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