Re: Subversion migration finished

Thank you Ross, for you and all the hard work you've put in into making
this successful migration.  As a sysadmin, I know how hard it is to plan
such things and I appreciate everything you and the gnome-sysadmin team
have put into it.


On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 11:54 +0000, Ross Golder wrote:
> For those that haven't noticed, the subversion migration is now
> complete. In the end, it took about 49 hours. Apologies for the downtime
> involved.
> Except for '', the websites are not yet auto-updating from
> Subversion. I should get round to completing this in the next couple
> days (other work permitting), and will review and update the various CVS
> and Subversion related web and wiki pages then.
> Of course, it is now possible (ok, easier) to set up per-repo
> pre/post-commit hooks (inc commit-to-mail), so if anyone has any
> particular requests, please send them to 'svnmaster gnome org'. If you
> have any suggestions for new global hooks, please send them to
> 'gnome-infrastructure gnome org'.
> Happy new year to everyone in the GNOME community :)
> --
> Ross
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