Re: post-commit msgs to -devel lists w/ full diff and commit msg

On Dec 30, 2007 2:37 PM, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
> We did that in the beginning (during testing phase). It was stopped
> before go live. Not exactly sure why. Probably because:
> 1. Not sure how many people want this
> 2. It severely increases the size of the mailing list archive (every
> mail is stored twice and also backed up)
> 3. It creates problems for svn-commits-list (bigger mails = slower mail
> + and one point mailman will ask moderators to approve it).
> So it is possible, but am not sure of the benefits. There are 127
> subscribers at the moment. I'd like some feedback first on who would
> find this useful and if there would be objections. This as it already is
> a high volume list, I don't want to unexpectedly increase the size of
> the emails.

I can see that rolling this out for all projects, including many
(most) that don't want it, would be wasteful.  Can we roll it out on a
case-by-case basis for projects that ask?

The benefit is you can keep track of code changes without leaving your
mail client (who is going to click on a link for each diff?).  And if
the reply-to is already set to the -devel list, you can discuss and
annotate the diff (w/ its full text already there) easily.  Karl
describes it (and with the voice of experience) better than I can



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