Re:GNOME Germany need server space

 - I think it is an appropriate use of the GNOME servers
 - There should be no problem with server capacity
 - Drupal, MoinMoin and mailman are already in use on the servers
   (drupal for, MoinMoin for and

So from that point of view there shouldn't be problem. *However*

 - There is not much spare time on the part of the people doing
   the sysadmin work at the moment

So it is unclear to to me whether we could get things set up for you
on a reasonable timescale. If someone on the team wants volunteer and
prove me wrong that would be great :-), but otherwise I'd suggest you
might want to continue looking elsewhere for a temporary hosting
Well at the moment, we struggle to get our data back. I was just starting to set up a new server as this happened. is in the same server? If yes it might be a solution to just drop our drupal folder in with some changes, there should not be a need to do much more if I get this folder back. Well one thing: the german translation would need to be installed:

I think it is ok if we have limited acces to the configs if just have our contents online. I am not sure what kind of setup you plan to do, but sure i can also do some work if possible,

Thanks in advance,


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