Re: GNOME Germany need server space

On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 17:37 +0200, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> Hi,
> we at GNOME Germany are in desperate need of a solution for our server
> that is down for more than two weeks because of organisational problems.
> We will need to switch the owner of the domain and than want a long term
> solution. Quim Gil suggested that it might be possible to maybe use
>, as we are an officially recognized GNOME organisation.
> We would like to migrate the following:
> * Email system (some mailboxes and a few aliases)
> * Drupal 1.4.7...
> * MoinMoin 1.5.5a
> The question is if this is possible and if this would rather be more
> complicated.  It would be nice to get a quick answer so we continue to
> find another solution if this is not possible.

I'm responding so that you get some response here; but I'm not actually
doing active work on GNOME sysadmin at the moment so I can't give
an authoritative response.

 - I think it is an appropriate use of the GNOME servers
 - There should be no problem with server capacity
 - Drupal, MoinMoin and mailman are already in use on the servers
   (drupal for, MoinMoin for and

So from that point of view there shouldn't be problem. *However*

 - There is not much spare time on the part of the people doing
   the sysadmin work at the moment

So it is unclear to to me whether we could get things set up for you
on a reasonable timescale. If someone on the team wants volunteer and
prove me wrong that would be great :-), but otherwise I'd suggest you
might want to continue looking elsewhere for a temporary hosting

					- Owen

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