Re: Gnome subversion conversion

Ross Golder wrote:
> Michael Haggerty wrote:
>> 3. Is the source code for your test runs available somewhere?  I would
>> like to know the best way to download the CVS repos for the exact
>> projects that you were testing with so that I can run tests myself, and
>> the cvs2svn command-line options that you were using.
> Yep, the source code for the migration scripts is in the 'svn-migration'
> module in standard GNOME CVS. The usual details here:
> I've created an area where tarballs of the CVS modules can be
> downloaded. It's still building the tarballs atm.
> I've copied 'gnome-infrastructure' in, as this might be of interest there.

I tried a few conversions of projects listed in red on your website, and
didn't find any disagreements except for expected differences in keyword
expansion between CVS and SVN.  I tried ApplicationManager, anjuta, and
astrolabe.  I used the trunk version of cvs2svn and the /etc/mime.types
file that happens to be installed on my Ubuntu dapper computer, with
approximately the command line options listed in your script.

Do you have any idea why your script would find problems but my tests
would work?  Are you using straight cvs2svn from trunk, or have you
locally modified your copy?


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