Re: Gnome subversion conversion

Michael Haggerty wrote:
[Please note CC: to the dev list.]

Ross Golder wrote:
I've moved my hacked version of cvs2svn to one side and done a fresh
checkout from trunk. I've fired off another test run of the GNOME
migration. You should be able to see it's progress over the next few
days, and download the captured output of cvs2svn for each, inc
automated diffs between HEAD and trunk etc. here:


I just checked this status page again and I have a few comments/suggestions:

1. The "cvs2svn output (bzip2'ed)" links seem to contain truncated data.

Yeah, I noticed that but haven't got round to investigating/resolving it yet. Bug.

2. How do you decide which entries to color red, and which green?  I
thought it would be based on whether there is a diff between HEAD and
trunk, but I see such diffs for many "green" entries, too.

It's based on the exit code of the cvs2svn process, IIRC.

3. Is the source code for your test runs available somewhere?  I would
like to know the best way to download the CVS repos for the exact
projects that you were testing with so that I can run tests myself, and
the cvs2svn command-line options that you were using.

Yep, the source code for the migration scripts is in the 'svn-migration' module in standard GNOME CVS. The usual details here:

I've created an area where tarballs of the CVS modules can be downloaded. It's still building the tarballs atm.

I've copied 'gnome-infrastructure' in, as this might be of interest there.



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