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<quote who="Jonathan Blandford">

> Sure.  That's another good use for the machine.  Do we get a newer version
> of moinmoin along the way?

Yes. We're running 1.3.5, with RHEL4 we can upgrade to the very latest 1.5.x
technology. We'll be ON THE CUTTING EDGE again!

As part of the upgrade, I wouldn't mind shifting to a new configuration - we
can run moin's standalone http server and proxy to it with Apache. It's much
faster (and more secure, if we run it as a moin user) than running as a cgi.

Should I dive in and do the switch?

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "Oh my god, if I get killed, Meryl Streep will get an award playing my
          life and I would be really pissed off." - Susan Sarandon

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