Hey guys,

Now that the olpc people have set up their new servers entirely, we have available for GNOME's use.  It is similar in stature to
the other servers (other than container) and was donated by Red Hat.  It
is a Dual 3Ghz Xeon with 2G memory (similar to most of the other
machines).  It is also running RHEL 4.  Unfortunately, it has a smaller
harddrive than the other machines (~30G).

Thanks to mgalgoci, it's now on the back channel.  I 'gnomified' it
tonight, and it should be hooked up to ldap and nfs.  There are probably
a few packages left over from being run as the yarrr/olpc machine
(primarily from jpackage), but it's mostly clean.

I was planning on using this machine for the new  I
don't have any services hooked up yet, but people should be able to log
in and look around.  Let me know if something isn't working yet.  I'm
pretty sure I got it all working, but it's possible I missed something.

I don't think there are any coordinated plans around library.g.o, beyond
what's listed here:

However, we should be able to start setting this up now.


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