Re: online

Em S� 2006-05-27 �02:07 -0400, Jonathan Blandford escreveu:
> Now that the olpc people have set up their new servers entirely, we have
> available for GNOME's use.

Great news!

> It is also running RHEL 4.

Also very useful ;)

> Unfortunately, it has a smaller
> harddrive than the other machines (~30G).

Not that the others (except for container) have huge disks anyway...

> I was planning on using this machine for the new

Great, but I think we can make some more imediate use of it. As for me,
I vote for moving anoncvs as soon as possible, as it would help let
window breathe a bit, and I have been having to babysit window far too
much lately...

And as we are getting rid of it once the migration to Subversion is done
(after one month), it's not like we're going to keep it on label forever
or have to move it again.


Guilherme de S. Pastore

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