Re: Subversion history problem

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006, Ross Golder wrote:

> Around about line 4519 in cvs2svn is a piece of code that checks that
> the previous revision's timestamp is lower than the current revision's
> timestamp, and that the current revision's timestamp is lower than the
> next revision's timestamp and spits out a warning if not. We can add our
> hook here to adjust the current revision's timestamp by our fixed
> amount.
> It might need testing a few times on a couple of the identified modules
> to fine-tune our fixed amount to a resolution of at least a few minutes
> (or until there are no more warnings).
> Can anyone see why this wouldn't work, or a better/quicker way to do it?
> (pref before I start hacking ;^))

A faster alternative may be to simply pick a date say ten minutes
after the previous commit...  The period that the clock was
skewed is short right?  And do we really care when exactly a
patch was committed three years ago?

> --
> Ross


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