Re: Subversion on container

Joe Shaw wrote:

>On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 00:27 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
>>The only thing that I can see we will lose from the migration that we
>>don't have with CVS is the Bonsai interface.  Several people have
>>suggested that Bonsai isn't really that important anyway, and that we
>>worked perfectly well without it for a year or so before I
>>semi-resurrected it. 
>I use Bonsai quite a bit to read patches that go into modules I'm
>interested in.  However, with svn's atomic commits and ViewCVS it should
>be a lot easier to do this.  Can ViewCVS show diffs of full commits (not
>just files) when using subversion?  If so, Bonsai's utility is basically
>zero and we should replace the Bonsai URLs in commit emails with ViewCVS
>ones after the migration.
ViewCVS also comes with a script that can be used to populate a bonsai
style database with information about Subversion commits.  This can be
used together with the viewcvs query interface to provide the same
features as Bonsai.


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