Re: gnome & subversion

Ross Golder wrote:
> you tell me what modules you'd like to investigate further, I'll roll up
> the CVS archive and make them available to you. I just checked the size
> of those modules listed above and chose a couple of examples to get you
> started:
> (3Mb)
> (2Mb)

I looked into the problem with libgnome a little bit.  I didn't figure
anything out, but I'll write my findings here for the record.

The problem with this repository is a file that is both in and out of
Attic.  The files are


The two files have disjoint histories, in the sense that all dates in
the Attic file precede all of the dates in the non-Attic file, and there
are no tags that are present in both files.  Here is a summary of the


    1.25        2001.
    1.26 (dead) 2001.

    plus a branch with a single version: (dead) 2001.


    1.1         2001.
    1.5         2004.
    1.6 (Exp)   2005.

    plus a branch with a single version: (Exp) 2005.

>From the commit comment, tt appears that the Attic file's version 1.26
was created by a merge from a branch.  Presumably that is that the commit times for 1.26 and are only 5
hours apart.

I tried the simplest thing I could think of--deleting a file on HEAD by
merging a delete from a branch--but it didn't create the Attic/non-Attic


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