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On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 12:07 -0800, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
> So some time ago I had mailed this list saying that Intel was
> going to provide some resources for servers and what not.  Much to
> my embarassment Intel and the individual involved did not follow
> through and I have not been able to get their attention since.
> However, I have once again found some support with another
> group within Intel who is willing to help provide a server(s).
> I'm currently working with Greg LeBlanc on replacement server for
> in order beef it up a bit.  That said, it might be
> good to be able to use it for other things.
> Intel tells me that time is somewhat short for coming up with a
> spec for the server.  I'm looking for some other uses for this
> server in order to maximize it it's usefulness.  But essentially
> we'll need a spec of some sort of what the server will look like.
> Once you've guys settled on it's uses, I will need someone to work
> with the Intel team directly.  I have Greg so far, but in case
> there are cross uses one other person will do fine to work with Greg.

Hi Sri,

There are a number of good uses for servers that we have planned.  I
don't know the issues with, but here are a few more
things we could use for the machine:

* -- planned replacement for
Double extra points if they help set it up

* extra tinderbox machine.  Sun is trying to get us a solaris machine,
but another arch would be nice

* extra wiki machine.  Offload some of the services on  

I'm Ccing gnome-infrastructure to see if they have other ideas.


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