Re: [Mailman Site List] New lists: gnome-de-board, gnome-de-members

<quote who="Christian Rose">

> Would it be ok if we added the suffix "-list" to the list names? I.e.
> "gnome-de-board-list", "gnome-de-members-list". We have a policy that list
> names should end in -list, and before we make exceptions, I want to make
> sure there's actually a need for making exceptions. :-)

Hi Christian,

I created the lists. I made the exception due to the length of the names,
and because we couldn't very well strip 'gnome' off these ones.

(We really ought to shift to, but that's a lot of pain.)


- Jeff

GUADEC 2005: May 29th-31st                 
  "Ever since GNOME development began, I have urged people to aim to make
    it as good as the Macintosh. To try to be like Windows is to try for
                      second-best." - Richard Stallman

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