Re: Subversion on container

Ross Golder wrote:

>I think it would be a great shame to lose the history. There's no real
>urgency to switch to Subversion, so let's spend a little time ironing
>out any problems involved in importing the complete history, so we can
>still do a 'svn log' with some degree of certainty, and any new
>SVN-based viewcvs will give the full picture etc.
Do the scripts you are running convert CVS includes (from the
CVSROOT/modules file) to the equivalent svn:external properties?  From
what I can tell, the following current modules depend on virtual includes:

    * evolution-data-server (includes libical)
    * gdm2 (vicious-extensions)
    * gnome-applets (libgswitchit)
    * gnome-control-center (libsounds, libgswitchit, libkbdraw)
    * gnome-utils (gdictsrc, gfloppy)
    * nautilus (libbackground)

(I've ignored all the modules including &macros or &intl, which is left
over from gnome 1.x).

To correctly migrate these sort of thing, there would need to be a
revision in those modules for each relevant change to the
CVSROOT/modules that alters the relevant directory and it's svn:external
property, so that the correct code gets checked out when looking at history.


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