Subversion on container


Could the sysadmin team please investigate the creation of a Subversion repo
on container with ssh access (as per current CVS configuration), and perhaps
try one of the CVS conversion scripts to see whether a module of reasonable
age, branchiness and complexity (maybe gnome-panel would be a good choice)
migrates sanely.

None of the existing scripts seem to be particularly good for migration of
long-running projects like ours, but I've heard reports that the cut-and-run
approach [1] has annoyed projects after migration (such as Samba). We'll
have to figure out which path suits us better, and the only way we're ever
going to get traction on this is to test it out.

baz is another option, with existing high quality full history imports [2],
but the consensus seems to lean towards Subversion. So let's try it.


- Jeff

[1] Checking in the latest code, not migrating historical data.
[2], you should also check James Henstridge's recent blog
    entries about using baz -> it's easy, don't be scared by the ravings of
    version control geeks.

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