Re: Subversion on container

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi,


Just wanted to agree, this would be great. I don't see any problem with
continuing using Baz as it's currently connected to the CVS. It's
definitely something that I will be doing myself.

But having Subversion instead of CVS is a lowrisk/high-gain transition
that we can do today and it makes a lot of sense doing so.

Best Regards,
  Mikael Hallendal

> Could the sysadmin team please investigate the creation of a Subversion repo
> on container with ssh access (as per current CVS configuration), and perhaps
> try one of the CVS conversion scripts to see whether a module of reasonable
> age, branchiness and complexity (maybe gnome-panel would be a good choice)
> migrates sanely.
> None of the existing scripts seem to be particularly good for migration of
> long-running projects like ours, but I've heard reports that the cut-and-run
> approach [1] has annoyed projects after migration (such as Samba). We'll
> have to figure out which path suits us better, and the only way we're ever
> going to get traction on this is to test it out.
> baz is another option, with existing high quality full history imports [2],
> but the consensus seems to lean towards Subversion. So let's try it.
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
> [1] Checking in the latest code, not migrating historical data.
> [2], you should also check James Henstridge's recent blog
>     entries about using baz -> it's easy, don't be scared by the ravings of
>     version control geeks.

Imendio AB,

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