Bugzilla down for software upgrade on Sun 18 Dec 09.00 UTC

Soon it will be time to make Bugzilla unavailable for 5 hours. This will
be done on Sunday 18 December on 9.00 UTC or:

During the downtime I'll upgrade bugzilla.gnome.org to a customized
Bugzilla 2.20. This version is currently running on
http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/ (not the same database). During the
upgrade you can join #bugs on irc.gnome.org to see the progress.

Persons wanting to test the new Bugzilla can do so at
http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/ using their b.g.o username and password.
Bugzilla-test contains a backup of the b.g.o database. It is not linked
with b.g.o in any way. Do not use it for normal work. Email on
bugzilla-test is disabled, so feel free to change bugs. Note that there
are changes and new features still underway; some are expected to land
before the 18th, while others may be incorporated later.

Main features already implemented in the customized Bugzilla are:
 * Looks better (with help from Andreas Nilsson)
 * Limits the UI to the action you can perform. E.g. no confusing
   bug page when a user is logged out or lacks permissions.
 * A report showing an overview of your bugs (reported or assigned). This
   page is like 'My Front Page' on bugzilla.redhat.com, but can show
   bugs for other users as well.
   Example: http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/describeuser.cgi
 * A report showing everything you'd want to know about a product. The
   report will show blockers for the current stable and development
   GNOME versions. Also the number of bugs per
   component/priority/version with the ability to see these in a buglist.
   The intention is that maintainers can use this page as their
   homepage (at least for development related work).
   Example: http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=nautilus
 * Addition of a simple search page that allows advanced queries thanks
   to Elijah Newren.
   Example: http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/query.cgi?format=short
   Help: http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=boogle-help.html
 * Ability to automatically cc yourself on bugs you change. This is a
   preference (can be changed under 'Account').
 * Integrated stock responses (the nice get-a-better-stacktrace and
   file-more-dupes messages). Only shown when appropriate (unconfirmed
   bugs and persons with editbugs privileges).
 * Very fast simple-dup-finder (allows finding duplicates of a
   stack trace). The show bug page will link to this report when the
   bug is unconfirmed and you has editbugs permissions.
 * Uses the same patch-status customizations (UI-wise) as our current
   bugzilla installation thanks to Elijah Newren. This means that you
   can use dropdowns to change the patch-status on the main show_bug
   page at the same time you modify priority/version/etc. instead of
   having to load up a separate page.
 * Avoids showing email addresses when someone is not logged in (to
   protect against spam bots harvesting them).
 * New mail header X-Bugzilla-Watching. Contains the person(s) you watch
   on the bug (separated with a ",").
 * Reassignment is split from status/resolution changes. Meaning: can
   dupe and reassign at the same time.
 * Bug-buddy users will now get a normal Bugzilla account. When the
   account is created via bug-buddy, the reporter will receive an
   explanation message (including their password). Almost all existing
   bug-buddy users will be silently converted to Bugzilla accounts.

Main features of Bugzilla 2.20:
 * Improved patch-viewer (see diffs in color like on viewcvs, etc)
 * Attachments will provide the filename
 * Facility to generate periodic reports on a scheduled basis and mail
   them to people (do not abuse this -- slows down the server)
 * Buglists can be imported to Evolution (etc) in the iCalendar format
 * Buglists can be used as a RSS feed
 * Different (hopefully better) way of threading the bugmails
 * Checkbox to cc yourself on a bug
 * Can clone the main fields of bug into a new bug
 * Addition of a 'General Prefences' panel in the Account page,
   currently allowing:
    * What order to view comments on a bug (most-recent comments at the
      top is now an option)
    * The list separator character to use in CSV buglists
    * To auto-cc yourself on bugs you change (b.g.o customization)
 * Logging in will redirect to index.cgi instead of query.cgi
 * The email preferences page now lists who is currently watching your
 * Saved searches are now maintained in a new user preferences tab
 * A login form is now included on the index/home page


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