Re: Bugzilla down for software upgrade on Sun 18 Dec 09.00 UTC

This is the thread where we all shout 'we're not worthy' at Olav over
and over again. Thanks for doing hero's work on this- I've played with
the -test stuff, and it will be a huge upgrade for all of us. Thanks!


On 12/6/05, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
> Soon it will be time to make Bugzilla unavailable for 5 hours. This will
> be done on Sunday 18 December on 9.00 UTC or:
> During the downtime I'll upgrade to a customized
> Bugzilla 2.20. This version is currently running on
> (not the same database). During the
> upgrade you can join #bugs on to see the progress.
> Persons wanting to test the new Bugzilla can do so at
> using their b.g.o username and password.
> Bugzilla-test contains a backup of the b.g.o database. It is not linked
> with b.g.o in any way. Do not use it for normal work. Email on
> bugzilla-test is disabled, so feel free to change bugs. Note that there
> are changes and new features still underway; some are expected to land
> before the 18th, while others may be incorporated later.
> Main features already implemented in the customized Bugzilla are:
>  * Looks better (with help from Andreas Nilsson)
>  * Limits the UI to the action you can perform. E.g. no confusing
>    bug page when a user is logged out or lacks permissions.
>  * A report showing an overview of your bugs (reported or assigned). This
>    page is like 'My Front Page' on, but can show
>    bugs for other users as well.
>    Example:
>  * A report showing everything you'd want to know about a product. The
>    report will show blockers for the current stable and development
>    GNOME versions. Also the number of bugs per
>    component/priority/version with the ability to see these in a buglist.
>    The intention is that maintainers can use this page as their
>    homepage (at least for development related work).
>    Example:
>  * Addition of a simple search page that allows advanced queries thanks
>    to Elijah Newren.
>    Example:
>    Help:
>  * Ability to automatically cc yourself on bugs you change. This is a
>    preference (can be changed under 'Account').
>  * Integrated stock responses (the nice get-a-better-stacktrace and
>    file-more-dupes messages). Only shown when appropriate (unconfirmed
>    bugs and persons with editbugs privileges).
>  * Very fast simple-dup-finder (allows finding duplicates of a
>    stack trace). The show bug page will link to this report when the
>    bug is unconfirmed and you has editbugs permissions.
>  * Uses the same patch-status customizations (UI-wise) as our current
>    bugzilla installation thanks to Elijah Newren. This means that you
>    can use dropdowns to change the patch-status on the main show_bug
>    page at the same time you modify priority/version/etc. instead of
>    having to load up a separate page.
>  * Avoids showing email addresses when someone is not logged in (to
>    protect against spam bots harvesting them).
>  * New mail header X-Bugzilla-Watching. Contains the person(s) you watch
>    on the bug (separated with a ",").
>  * Reassignment is split from status/resolution changes. Meaning: can
>    dupe and reassign at the same time.
>  * Bug-buddy users will now get a normal Bugzilla account. When the
>    account is created via bug-buddy, the reporter will receive an
>    explanation message (including their password). Almost all existing
>    bug-buddy users will be silently converted to Bugzilla accounts.
> Main features of Bugzilla 2.20:
>  * Improved patch-viewer (see diffs in color like on viewcvs, etc)
>  * Attachments will provide the filename
>  * Facility to generate periodic reports on a scheduled basis and mail
>    them to people (do not abuse this -- slows down the server)
>  * Buglists can be imported to Evolution (etc) in the iCalendar format
>  * Buglists can be used as a RSS feed
>  * Different (hopefully better) way of threading the bugmails
>  * Checkbox to cc yourself on a bug
>  * Can clone the main fields of bug into a new bug
>  * Addition of a 'General Prefences' panel in the Account page,
>    currently allowing:
>     * What order to view comments on a bug (most-recent comments at the
>       top is now an option)
>     * The list separator character to use in CSV buglists
>     * To auto-cc yourself on bugs you change (b.g.o customization)
>  * Logging in will redirect to index.cgi instead of query.cgi
>  * The email preferences page now lists who is currently watching your
>    account
>  * Saved searches are now maintained in a new user preferences tab
>  * A login form is now included on the index/home page
> --
> Regards,
> Olav
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