MySQL permissions table broken on button - request for backup


I've just investigated a report on #sysadmin that bugzilla was down.
Also, I wasn't able to log in as normal as the 'root' user on button.

I restarted the daemon with '--skip-networking --skip-grant-tables' and
discovered that all the users, except 'guadecsurvey', have
disappeared :(

I'm about to re-add the 'root' and 'bugzilla' accounts manually for now
(and restart without the --skip-* options), but everything else that
relies on mysql (e.g. GNOME journal) will remain broken. I can't look
into them all this evening - got a customer waiting for me to
investigate an issue with their mysql server randomly crashing! Looks
like today is database problem day.

Can someone with access to the backups restore the mysql table as of Aug
2nd (I think whatever broke it happened on the 3rd)? And can whoever
added the 'guadecsurvey' user, add it back (without wiping out the other
users this time, please!) :)



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