Re: cvs precommit check troubles

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, Owen Taylor wrote:

> So, what I did was committed the attached hack to;
> it simply skips the -c argument to msgfmt for files called 'fa.po'.
> (Only the Persian team, is to my knowledge, using localized numeric
> formatters at the current time.)

:).  Yeah, Persian is the only locale that defines the localized
digits at the moment.  At list if fa.po breaks builds we know who
to blame ;).

> > PS: I have no idea why this did not happen when I did the earlier 2.7.x
> > releases, which to my knowledge also had the I in fa.po...

Because the precommit check was activated sometime in the past 48
hours based on consensus on gnome-i18n list.


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