Re: someday my prince will come

Luis Villa wrote:

>On 6/10/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
>>... also, someday moinmoin might not traceback every time I do a
>>search. Right? right? :)
>>Luis (will settle for a very busty princess if search can't be fixed)
>I am still looking at an ugly themed, search-busted toad. No princess
>in sight. Is there anything I can do to help move this along?
I could do a test conversion to moin 1.3 if I had access to the existing
data files.  The conversion process isn't hard -- it just needs to be done.

One way to perform the upgrade would be:

    * take a copy of the existing data and run the upgrade scripts on
      it, and get some people to play around with the new version as a test.
    * If everything works, make the main wiki read only
      (this can be done by changing the ACL related config variables).
    * Rerun the upgrade scripts on the most up to date data
    * Switch over to moin 1.3 with the converted data.

[cc'ing the infrastructure list, since this will require some help from
the sysadmins]


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