GNOME sysadmin summary - December 2004

GNOME Sysadmin Summary - December 2004

General issues

The splash screen competition on '' got slashdotted on Dec
1st. This brought the load up on window to fairly high levels. Although
nothing failed, Owen made various adjustments to the way that site works
in order to bring the load down to reasonable levels again. A post was
copied to 'gnome-web-list' discussing what went on. (Owen)

The 'pserver' password file generator seems not to have been running
since May 13 (noticed by Michael Meeks and Owen). It has now been added
to cron as an hourly job (Ross).

Progress on old issues

A new CVS repository (/cvs/websites) was set up to contain websites (to
try to seperate them from the applications and other modules
in /cvs/gnome). Initially, the document roots of '' and
'' have been checked in, and automatic site update scripts
put in place. Content for these sites is now maintainable by the
'gnomeweb' group. It is hoped that other sites will slowly be migrated
to this area and their update scripts tidied-up/renamed etc. (Ross)

A bonsai commits database was set up on button, and initially populated
(Ross). A web interface has been set up on canvas, but there are still
loose ends to tie up. James Henstridge has also expressed an interest in
(and posted some notes on) getting ViewCVS updated and working from the
Bonsai commits database.


3rd Dec - Recent kernel errata applied (Christian). Rebooted (Matt).

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