Re: Where are we on this ? > Re: [GNOME-India] Response from Linux Asia

Hema Seetharamaiah said on Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 11:11:28AM +0530,:

 > individually and as  a company. I will look  into the possibilities
 > and revert.


1. A mention  on your homepage
2. An Indian mirror for packaged binaries and sources ;)
3. A write up at someplace like or
   about what you people are doing with GNOME.
4. Do make it a point  to use the term `swatantra software', if your
   finance managers  find `free software' unpalatable.
5. Do remember to give back to the community whose efforts you are
   building upon. 
6. Coordination, interaction with the Free Software Foundation of
   India; ( and of course, support for their activities.
I  know the  4th  point will  draw  flames; but  I  have found  people
confusing  access to code  for users'  freedom. After  GNOME is  a GNU
project, and primary copyright is owned by the FSF. 

  Mahesh T. Pai, LL.M.,                   
  'NANDINI', S. R. M. Road,               
  Ernakulam, Cochin-682018,               
  Kerala, India.                          

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