Re: Damned Lies is down

And last update :-).

The service has been restored as it should at around 1am UTC+2. You can use the app normally now.

Le 29/04/2022 22:26, Guillaume Bernard a écrit :

Evening update (from Paris Time :-)). We first had issues with the
database service which was unable to serve incoming connections from
Damned Lies. Next, we had another issue with the deployment of the

I point out that this is not associated to yesterday runtime update you
may had followed on this mailing list.

As some of you have seen, two other issues remain: the data storage is
missing. I do not expect any data loss from this side (because the
storage is still visible and appears okay on the cloud interface). We
also use an old snapshot of Damned Lies that was dumped two years ago.
This is probably the one we use for the staging instance. We should not
have lost any data as well.

Thanks for your patience all,
Have a nice week-end, we keep you updated.
Guillaume Bernard

Le vendredi 29 avril 2022 à 11:15 +0200, Guillaume Bernard a écrit :
Hi all,

We are experiencing (big) troubles with the running Damned Lies
instance. It was first associated to database errors.

The infrastructure team is currently working, as we are, on this

We’ll keep you updated on where the situation will return to normal.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Guillaume Bernard
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