String freeze break for gnome-software for 42.1

Hi all,

Can we have a string freeze break for gnome-software to add more
information about file system permissions required by flatpak apps?

Currently when flatpak apps request custom or unusual file system
permissions, gnome-software incorrectly says the app “has access to no
files”. The existing translatable strings we have in gnome-software
42.0 only give us the option of instead saying the app “can read/write
all your data”, which is a bit wide.

We’d like to add three more strings to provide a middle ground, saying
the app “can access arbitrary files”.

The change is here:

The new strings are listed here:

I realise you’re probably not going to be happy about this! There are a
few options, and we’ll go with whatever the i18n team prefer:

 1. Add these new translatable strings now, in time for the 42.1
release (this week). This means the bug will be fixed, but the strings
will likely not be translated in many languages.

 2. Add these new translatable strings after the 42.1 release, to give
more time for them to be translated ready for 42.2.

 3. Don’t add these new strings on 42.x at all, and use the
inappropriate-but-already-existing “can read/write all your data”
string instead.


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