Re: Damned Lies Gateway error on sending gnome-commander

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Philipp Kiemle <philipp kiemle gmail com> schrieb am Fr., 10. Sept. 2021, 16:30:
Hello all,
I get this error too - so far only when trying to upload a translation for an older release and I checked the "Cherry-pick to the main/master branch if possible" checkbox.
So far, despite the 504 error, the translation did perfectly land in the git repos every time, I assume it is only the "frontend" (website) that does not receive an answer in time and then throws an error. Am I talking nonsense here, or is this plausible?
Enrico, I'd suggest you take a look at the GitLab repo of the application (in this case [1]) and check it after a couple of minutes. The translation should land there despite the webpage error in my experience. However, I am just a translator and have no knowledge of the inner workings of DL...
Have a nice weekend,

Am Do., 9. Sept. 2021 um 01:25 Uhr schrieb Enrico via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org>:
Dear folks

When trying to send gnome-commander translation through Damned Lies I got the error message: "504 Gateway Time-out. The server didn't respond in time." 

Please, may someone check settings in order to allow us to send translation?

Best regards,
Enrico (pt_BR team)
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