Re: Does Translation auto merge between default, stable, old stable releases?

субота, 29 травня 2021 р. 15:24:03 EEST Claude Paroz написано:
Le 29.05.21 à 14:20, Yuri Chornoivan via gnome-i18n a écrit :
Please calm down a bit.

We have witnessed at least several cases of the "blast from the past"
GNOME 40 release when the translations from "master" were suddenly
replaced by the translations from the "old old stable" (these
translations were actually used in the release). Those translations have
not been shown on the main page until the "hidden" stable branch were
created. It's a matter of fact.
Hi Yuri,

Do you have any real case we could use as an example for this odd
behavior (which at first looks more like a bug than a structural issue)?
Are there other discussion threads where this was discussed elsewhere?


Hi Claude,

This was not discussed earlier elsewhere, afaik.

And it is not an easy task as I do not have the judge-proven screenshots. ;)

Ukrainian interface translation was at 100% since 3.34 (yes, it is a shame as 
it might be treated by the other teams as trying to arrange the needless rat 
race). So it is an easy thing for me to track down those things but I do not 
know how to prove it afterwards.

I might be wrong but the branching of gnome-todo (3.28, stable) and five-or-
more (3.32, stable) showed incomplete Ukrainian translations for GNOME 3.36 
and 3.38 which the "complete" before the branching.

That's not a problem for me. I just reapplied the translations from master. 
Now it's all right and Fedora stats are good.

But it might be a problem for GNOME users of Ubuntu (I have registered the 
discrepancioes for 21.04) and the teams with long reviewing processes.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Best regards,

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