Re: String freeze for GNOME 41

On Tue, Mar 30 2021 at 09:15:31 PM +0200, Alexandre Franke <afranke gnome org> wrote:
My opinion is that I don’t see the point of simplifying the schedule and I’m worried this will actually just increase the burden of translators.

Well the thing is if we have string freeze begin at a strange time not associated with any milestone, I suspect many developers will not actually be able to remember when it begins. The status quo of the three-week freeze is just not very elegant anymore now that the .91 release is gone.

Do you generally get many string change notifications? I assume they should be relatively rare, since string changes after UI freeze are not terribly common, yes? I checked just now, and I count three string change announcements for GNOME 40, all from Milan, plus one freeze break request that was mistakenly submitted during the string change announcement period because the maintainer incorrectly assumed we were in string freeze during that time. So I think changing string freeze to last five weeks probably won't make too much difference, and it will simplify our schedule such that all freezes except hard code freeze start at the same time. And of course it means more time for translators to work.

Anyway, i18n team gets final say on this of course. I'll schedule it however you prefer.


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