Re: Fresh blood for Damned Lies

Hi everyone, dear Claude,

I will take time to introduce me and the future I foresee for Damned Lies in
future emails and blog posts, the TL;DR will remain here 😉️.

As Claude said, I proposed a few time ago (that is to say, 2 years ago for the
first time, gave up for personal reasons (PhD thesis) and since a few months
again) to contribute to Damned Lies. This desire came as I’m a Damned Lies user
and a GNOME French Team member. I met GNOME seven years ago already, when, as a
first year undergraduate student, I wished to contribute to something different.
I spent some times in secondary school contributing on Ubuntu and Mageia, for
those who may remember, often focusing on translations or help on forums.

To be frank, I started a project, two years ago, part of my master’s degree
internship to learn a bit better Django. I maintained this project for two
years, and it’s now gone, right in time to start a new adventure 🙂.

For those who may wish to ask, I’m currently preparing a PhD thesis in natural
language processing, focusing on historical digital libraries, for those who may
be interested to have a discussion about this (if you have a dataset, please
help, DO YOU have a dataset 🤣️🤯️. Private joke for PhD and former PhD students

I proposed to Claude to focus, for this year, on some points:

- enhance communication from DL developers to the users: you and the translation
- enhance code quality measurement, find a safe contribution path, to welcome
external contribution without the risk of breaking a core part of the GNOME
- make translators and team members contribute to the development of DL. No
coding knowledge is required (even if welcomed), but I hope you will be often
solicited in order to give your opinion about interfaces, work flow (not
Vertimus, but browsing into the app I mean).

I opened a new blog recently: and I intend to
work with Claude in order to communicate about this amazing project! Empty for
the moment, content is about to come.

Thanks a lot everyone, and thank you Claude for this sign of trust,

NB: I’m available of Matrix too, otherwise, for 🍻️, send me a private message
😉️ (I do not reimburse train or plane tickets).
Guillaume Bernard

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 08:28:03 +0200
From: Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>
To: gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org>
Subject: Fresh blood for Damned Lies
Message-ID: <502b4f8d-55ce-2d2e-6480-eaf897e5ef40 2xlibre net>
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Dear team,

I'd like to announce that Guillaume Bernard kindly approached me to 
propose his help regarding Damned Lies evolution and maintenance. He has 
a good experience in the Python/Django world and already pushed some 
interesting patches.

I'll let him present his plans on this list. This does not mean I will 
suddenly disappear, but I will probably be a bit less present as I don't 
want to be a hurdle for fresh ideas and progresses.

Kind regards,


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