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Hi Enrico (and others),

I hacked a bit on Deckard today and I think this error is now fixed.

However it turns out most of those UIs have no translatable string in them, so its actually useless to list them in Deckard. And it's currently the case for the whole libhandy module.
I changed the script that updates all modules from git each day to exclude all UIs that Deckard has no use for, which actually is a big cleanup.

There are some additional changes and improvements, so I let you test.

Don't forget that you can open new issues on GitHub if needed, it's easier for me to track things there:


Le 13/02/2021 à 19:08, Enrico a écrit :

Hello Nicholas and all folks

When translating libhandy I uploaded the translation file through Deckard at <>, but I got some Bad Gateway error pages when switching through some UIs, as shown in the image below:

Deckard 502 Bad Gateway Page

Please, in case Deckard have active maintenance, may someone verify and correct the error?

Thanks in advance,

Em 23/03/2018 06:32, Hannie Dumoleyn escreveu:
Op 22-03-18 om 22:24 schreef Nicolas Delvaux:
Hi everyone,

Le 22/03/2018 à 22:02, Rafael Fontenelle a écrit :
2018-03-22 14:53 GMT-03:00 Daniel Șerbănescu <daniel serbanescu dk>:
Hello, I wonder if there is a place on the web where one can test the new
Like there was a couple of years ago this tool:
which allows translators to see their translations in the user interface
That tool appears to be no longer updated. Are there any other alternatives?
Or can we get it updated with the new gnome apps?
What makes you believe Deckard is out-of-date? Did you notice missing
options in the GUI of any modules, or you're talking about the modules
missing in there (e.g. gedit) ?

For what it is worth, you could talk to its maintainer Nicolas:
contact nicolas-delvaux org
I confirm that is up-to-date.
All apps and translations are automatically updated from git once a day.

If you think Deckard is missing anything, feel free to post your
requests on the Github project:

The Deckard project itself is mainly in maintenance mode now, but if
there is a renewed interest and improvement requests, I could throw some
more time at it :)

gnome-i18n mailing list
gnome-i18n gnome org

Hello Nicholas,

As a translator I can confirm that deckard is useful. It would be great if you keep maintaining the program. I will try to find out if things work properly, and if not, I will comment via this list.


gnome-i18n mailing list
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