Re: Do I need be coordinator/maintainer of Arabic (inactive) team

yes i am there in :) learning arabic slowly ...

yeah, inactive group. let us make it active soon :)


On 10/02/21 8:26 pm, Fahim Al-Rashid via gnome-i18n wrote:
Hello everyone,

I already registered as translator for Arabic; and started translating (GIMP UI).

Do I need be the coordinator/maintainer? Or someone would take care of everything when I finish my translation?
The team seems to be inactive.

I already emailed the the coordinator (on Jan 8) through his contact details on team page, but got no reply.
He seems to be active on other activities on github.

- Team Coordinator: Abderrahim Kitouni (akitouni gnome org)

- Team Mailing list last content ( August, 2019 (though there are empty directories till Jan 2020).
Subscription to Mailing list returns 500 Internal Service Error.

Active members:

akashraoind (member of 27 languages!)
Activities: None

zet: abidin24 tutanota com
Activities: None

aeldemery: aeldemery de gmail com
Activities: None

Athmane MOKRAOUI (Committer of another language: Kabyle)
Activities: None

Thank you for any advice!

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