Re: Add "Apps for GNOME" to d-l

as mentioned before (sorry, can not find the mailing), I suggest creating a category GNOME Circle and add all of those to d-l, or these will probably not get translated.
Looking at the strings I also noticed, that strings, taken from the Program PO, should be clearly commented in the POT, or the translators won't know, where those are shown.
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On Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM Sophie Herold <sophieherold gnome org> wrote:
Dear translators, the "Apps for GNOME" website now also has translatable strings. Can someone add it to d-l?

General information for translators: For the app dependent parts on the page (, all strings originate from the app's project itself. If you want to fix or translate those parts of the website, you will have to use the app's module on d-l. Best, Sophie
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