Re: Patterns for translations (accessible-name) of a repeating widget in a ListBox

So I have two questions:

1. Would a "Call the party"

Call Ingsoc? the local Disco?

Of course the usage is valid, just not in every day language (vs legal) and I
suspect confusing for both users and translators

one idea was to put some context into the string f.e. "Call %s" (-> "Call
Evangelos"), but that would not work in every language.

I'm a little unclear why?

or simply "Call" be clear enough that it's
about the current row in the list box? (Accessibility wise)

If this is the description of the button then probably?

Assuming the layout is

[ [Name/Number]   [📞] ]

I'd expect the row to be read something like so

"row John button Call"
"row Jane button Call"

Of course I'm sure the a11y people have a better answer here

2. If not, how could it be made clearer that a button belongs to it's
list row. Are there already patterns for situations like this?

You can set the relationship between the two AtkObjects


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